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Home Up   

Floor Plans from 18' towing length to 24'.... add the swing hitch option and you shorten the length by 2 feet.

TrailManor travel trailers range in weight from 2,050 lbs. to 3,400 lbs.     

TrailManor Model 2518KB, 2518KS, & 2518KD  The 2518 Series has been expanded to include three floorplans—a two bed model, a slide out living room, and a slide out dinette model. They also feature a full kitchen with sink, 3-way refrigerator, and two-burner stove. Also features a hardwall wet bath with shower and cassette toilet as a standard feature. It's a tremendous amount of value in a small package. And one that is making big news. The 2518KB from the factory only weighs 2,280 lbs.  




TrailManor Model 2619  (Special Order)  From the factory with standard equipment, it only weighs 2,698 lbs.  Length is only 19' and with the addition of the swing tongue,  this can easily be stored in your garage. 


TrailManor Model 2720QB, 2720QS & 2720QD offers a queen size bed with some extra storage under the bed.  Everything else is exactly the same as the 2619.  It only weighs 2,742 lbs. from the factory with standard equipment.




TrailManor Model 2922KB, 2922KS, & 2922KD The new 2922 Trailer Model fills an important place in the product line. You liked the 2720 Floor plan but asked, " does it come with a King Bed?"  Well,  now it does.  And it only weighs 2,880 lbs.   TrailManor 2922SL or 2922SD are the perfect camper for a couple.  The couch or dinette will open up to a double bed size for the occasional visitors. The new lightweight Barrel Chair is easy to move and the King Bed lets you sleep comfortably, just like home.  They both only weighs 2,975 lbs.  from the factory with standard equipment.

Base Price 2922KB $31,451.00  2922KS  $24,251.00  2922KD  $34,251.00





TrailManor Model 3023  (Special Order)   This floor plan comes with another sofa instead of the chairs and cabinet.  It only weighs 3,005 lbs. 


TrailManor Model 3124KB, 3124KS, & 3124KD King Bed allows you to sleep without having to crawl over your partner to get out of bed.  The wardrobe storage below the bed and extra large outside storage compartments are hard to pass up.  It only weighs 3,090 lbs.




Last modified: December 04, 2017