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Q: What sort of gas mileage will I get towing a TrailManor?

A: TrailManor owners report gas mileage's of 15 to 24 mpg depending on the tow vehicle. A good rule of thumb is 80% of the mileage of the vehicle alone - much higher than you get with tall travel trailers. It only takes one gallon of gas to two a TrailManor 100 miles. 

Q: Can I put a boat rack on top of my TrailManor?

A: Yes. A boat rack for a canoe or kayak can either be installed on the outside edges of the roof, or a "pad" system can be used. Storage with more concentrated weight (such as a storage pod) can also be installed, but loads should not exceed 15 pounds per square foot. Please note that this will have some affect on the amount of force required to raise the upper sections of the trailer.  

Q: What hitch should I use?

A: We recommend using a Class 3 hitch with load equalizing bars for most vehicles (not necessary on heavy trucks). The load equalizing bars transfer weight to balance the load between the front and rear wheels, which is necessary to level the vehicle and keep proper front end alignment on the tow vehicle. We will be happy to recommend the proper hitch for your specific tow vehicle. Please note: all axles are equipped with electric brakes so a brake controller is needed. As in the case with virtually any towing situation, we recommend a transmission cooler for your vehicle.

Q: Why doesn't a TrailManor leak?

A: A TrailManor is designed to be so watertight you can open and close it in the rain without water getting inside. The unique roof seal has been proven to be 100% effective in preventing water from leaking at the joint between roof sections. The outside seal presses down on the roof to stop most of the water. The inside seal presses up against the ceiling to form an internal gutter, and a l-1/2" crown allows water to be channeled away. Double weather-tight seals throughout the design prevent leakage, and 100% silicone sealant on joints, instead of putty tape, guarantees years of use. Seals are constructed of rip-proof nylon and a neoprene foam core for years of life.

Q: Why don't you put tandem axles on all TrailManors?

A: TrailManor uses computer design to locate the axle position so that trailer sway is avoided. The axles are placed farther back to eliminate any tendency for the trailer to sway. In fact, many TrailManor owners say their trailers tow even better than their tent campers did.

Because of the proper placement of the axle, sway control devices are not required when towing a TrailManor. TrailManor uses axles with 3500 lbs. load ratings on all models, and tandem axles are needed only on the two largest models for extra load capacity. On the smaller models, the tandem axles would only add weight and use up storage space, so they aren't necessary.

Q: What is an electric recirculating toilet, and how does it work?

A: Commercial airliners use electric recirculating toilets to save weight. So does TrailManor. Chemically treated and filtered waste water is recycled in these systems to avoid carrying gallons of fresh water for flushing and creating gallons of waste water. This alone saves over 200 lbs.

Three gallons of water and a chemical charge are used to start the system. This is good for 60 to 80 flushes. An indicator on the front of the toilet tells when it is time to empty. The toilet (7 gal.) and the gray water holding tank (30 gal.) empty through the same sewer hose. You can camp in a TrailManor without sewer hookups, and you can empty the system with a hand tank instead of having to break camp to travel to a dump station.

Q: How easy are TrailManors to heat and cool?

A: The thermal insulation of a TrailManor is superior to that of "stick" construction trailers because the foam insulation is not broken up by framing members. The roof, sidewalls, and bed bottoms have almost continuous 1" foam insulation (equal to 2" of fiberglass), and the floor has a full 3" foam core (equal to 6" of fiberglass). The trailer is so well insulated that the 16,000 BTU furnace will heat the trailer as much as 70 degrees above the outside temperature. This excellent insulation also makes a TrailManor much easier to cool in the open sun.

Q: How can a TrailManor be so sturdy when it's half the weight of other trailers?

A: It's built smarter. The TrailManor body is constructed from vacuum-bonded sandwich panels using aluminum on both sides. The aluminum is bonded to a polystyrene core with a polyurethane adhesive, which is much stronger than more commonly used neoprene contact cement.

This panel construction, using dual aluminum skins, is more rigid than conventional "stick" construction, so heavy internal framing isn't necessary. The roof is designed to carry the weight of up to 3 feet of snow (3,000 lbs.). In addition to saving a considerable amount of weight, this panel design provides much better insulation than internally framed structures; where most heat loss occurs around and through the framing.

The floor of a TrailManor uses the same rigid, double skin sandwich panel construction, except the foam core is 3" thick with plywood under the top aluminum skin to absorb surface impact loads. The 3" floor is much stronger and better insulated than the particleboard or plywood floors used in other trailers, and it feels great on cold mornings.

This lightweight design doesn't compromise construction standards. Laminated counter tops are much lighter than particleboard, and they don't swell with moisture. This cuts extra pounds of unnecessary weight without sacrificing strength.

The chassis is built from 2" x 5" tubular steel using inert gas automatic welding equipment to assure the finest welds. The rigid floor design doesn't need heavy floor joist cross members. This alone saves 300 pounds of unnecessary steel weight.

Q: Why don't the windows break when towing since they're low to the ground?

A: Most rocks that hit the trailer come from the tow vehicle and hit the front of the trailer. Side impacts are rare, and we use tempered safety glass that is very resistant to breakage.

Q: What kind of resale value does a TrailManor have?

A: TrailManor has the highest resale value of any travel trailer its size, according to the NADA RV Appraisal Guide. This is due to a number of factors, including our strong, durable construction, innovative engineering, and dependable materials.

Q: What kind of warranty do I get with TrailManor?

A: You actually get several warranties with a TrailManor. TrailManor offers a limited lifetime warranty on the torsion bar lift mechanism springs. You also get a limited warranty on all components for one year from purchase. TrailManor will repair or replace any component that has a defect in parts or workmanship during that time. All appliances are covered by individual warranties from their respective manufacturers, which means that if you do have a problem, you can get it serviced easily through us, as well as at a local appliance service center. Tires are also protected through the tire manufacturer's warranty. All warranties are provided as part of your owner's manual.

Q: Why does a TrailManor cost more that some other travel trailers?

A: TrailManors range from $21,371 to $35,651. A TrailManor has all the equipment of a conventional box travel trailer plus an innovative folding mechanism. Folding trailers are more expensive to build than box trailers. Five separate body parts must be built with extra edge finishing and special hardware added. Specially patented components, such as the 3" panel floor, also add cost but enhance tow ability and livability. Special fabrication methods include joining all body panels with screws and then folding the aluminum skin over the joint to protect against leakage. The underside of the floor is aluminum to avoid water damage. Even the holes for attaching components to the underside are predrilled and filled with silicone sealant to avoid wood rot and rusting. These construction techniques add cost but extend the useful life and value of the trailer.

Even though a TrailManor may cost more initially than some other trailers, it is less expensive to own. Solid construction makes the trailer sturdy and more reliable. The light weight saves money on fuel and on tow vehicle wear and tear. Many people even save money because the light weight means they don't have to buy a new tow vehicle to pull the size of trailer they need. No amount of money will purchase another travel trailer that is so easy to tow.

Q: How long has TrailManor been in business?

A: TrailManor was founded in 1983, but their story goes back much farther. Before the first TrailManor was shipped to a dealer, the design went through ten years of prototypes and testing. It was only after the innovative TrailManor design was thoroughly tested and proven that it was made available to the public. Founder and President, William J. Hulsey, has a Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering and more than 25 years of experience in developing high technology materials and products. He transferred this knowledge into the TrailManor design to produce a trailer that's light in weight, easy to tow, engineered to last, high in resale value, and fun to use from the moment you leave your driveway. That's what you should expect from a travel trailer, and that's what you get with TrailManor.

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.. and we will teach you how to set up your camper at your site, show you how to properly level the camper, set up your water and electrical connections and show you how to set up your waste hose connections, too


.. and we will make sure your vehicle is set up properly so that you can safely tow your camper to all your dream destinations.


.. and we will take you on a road test to be sure you understand your brake controller setting in your vehicle and make sure you understand how to travel with your new camper.


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Last modified: November 11, 2016