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Just One Hand - Video !  

  Imagine the room, the comfort and convenience of a full sized travel trailer, but with the easy towing ability of a standard fold-down tent camper.

The combination of light weight and low profile make TrailManor, quite simply, America's easiest towing travel trailer.  TrailManor's unique and patented Torsion Power Lift System has a lifetime warranty and is the secret to a one-person easy setup. Check out the video "Just One Hand!" and see a demonstration of how amazingly easy it is to transform a compactly-towed TrailManor into a full-size camping trailer-- with ONE hand! There's truly nothing like it!

TrailManors low center of gravity and no-sway balance take the fear out of towing so you can relax and enjoy the drive. And because they can be towed with many of today's smaller, more fuel efficient cars, you don't need a special, more powerful tow vehicle to tow a TrailManor.

TrailManor's feature ultra-low towing for safer and more economical travel. Better gas mileage is what you can count on while towing a TrailManor. In fact, studies show it only takes about one extra gallon of gas to tow a folding TrailManor 100 miles. And most of the travel trailers TrailManor makes you can easily tow with a Toyota Sienna, a Honda Odyssey, Toyota Rav-4, Nissan Murano, Lexus RS, or a Honda Pilot.

MCD RV Center has been representing TrailManor Travel Trailers since 1994.

Make your plans today to visit our dealership and start making your camping dreams come true.

Last modified: April 03, 2017